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EditMe Part 1. Photograph from Anna

In part 1 of EditMe, we have a photo sent in by Anna. Its of a river scene, with a jetty/bridge and some hills in the background. Anna is pretty new to photography, but is out snapping away learning everyday. This photo didnt need a great deal of work, just some slight tweaks to really…

Editing a Riverside Landscape Image in Adobe Lightroom

Not so much a tutorial, just a follow me on how I re-editied a photograph I took the day before, seeing what else I could come up with. In the video I use several different techniques to get different effects on the image, which starts life pretty bland straight out of the camera.

HDR Basics Part 2

Continuing on from Part 1 on how to create an HDR Image using Lightroom and Photomatix, this video finishes the photograph using Lightoom and exports the JPG. Keep an eye out for the final part, where I will export the image to Adobe Photoshop to use the clone tools and properly fix the ghosting issues….

HDR Basics Part 1

Ever wondered how to create an HDR image, or do you even know what it is? Here is a short video to explain and guide you through making one in Adobe Lightroom and Photomatix.  

Lightroom Basics: How to edit a Landscape photograph Tutorial

Want to know what to do with that old Landscape photo you thought you couldnt rescue?  Check out this video to see how to make a drab boring image into something more acceptable.  

Adobe Lightroom: The Basics..

Ever wondered what Lightroom was, or what it could do? Here is a basics guide that shows just a tiny amount of what can be achieved in Lightroom.