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Inspiration comes in many forms. It could be the birth of a child, a near death experience, illness, maybe just seeing someone else do something, and thinking “I want to do that!“ Since Christmas, something I have positively lacked, is inspiration. I barely touched my camera, the few photos I did take were of my…

Fuji X100, Fad or Fantastic?

There have been a glut of mirrorless compact cameras in recent times. Some people think the death of the chunky and expensive DSLR is near. I think that may be a bit premature, but its fact that some mirrorless cameras are competing with the big boys when it comes to image quality. As well as…

Back Button Focusing with the Nikon D3100

Short video showing how to set up your Nikon D3100 for back button focusing. Ive had many requests on how to do this, and its really very simple. BBF is great for sports and action photographers,it allows you to keep focusing whilst shooting, seperates exposure and focus, VR and focus and many other benefits. Its…

Coming soon!!

Coming soon on Photoix… Nikon D3100 unboxing and review Optech Pro Utility Strap and Pro loop strap reviews Black Rapid RS Sport strap unboxing and review Black Rapid FastenR T1 review Gitzo G1340 Tripod + Gitzo GH2750 Series 2 Head review Plus a hands on, in the field video on how to use Lee ND…

Lee foundation kit and ND Grad filters

Just a quick overview of the Lee Filter sytem and a few filters.

On Location: Part 1 of the On location series. This time, Coombe Hill in Gloucestershire.

Lightroom Basics: Importing and Exporting

I keep getting asked, How do I get images into Lightroom? And even more frequently..”How do I get them out again??” This video shows you how to get your photos into the catalogue, and then how to export them as a JPG file, ready for use on the web, or for printing. Be confused no…

Canon Eos 50D DSLR Review

The 50D was released almost a exactly a year after its predecessor the 40D, however Canon were quick to claim it was not intended to be the 40D’s replacement. The two cameras co-existed for several months before the 40D was finally phased out….

HDR Basics Part 2

Continuing on from Part 1 on how to create an HDR Image using Lightroom and Photomatix, this video finishes the photograph using Lightoom and exports the JPG. Keep an eye out for the final part, where I will export the image to Adobe Photoshop to use the clone tools and properly fix the ghosting issues….

Nikon D700 Review

In 2008, something happened in the DSLR world that changed the game. In the past, the class leading High ISO cameras were the hellishly expensive Canon 1 series. Nikon were seriously lagging with the D2 series, although this camera was a hardy workhorse, it just couldn’t keep up with the resolution and low noise properties…