The Importance of Backing up!

As digital photographers, all of our photos tend to be stored on hard drives, and hard drives fail!


As a rule, you should back up your data on at least one separate internal harddrive, one external harddrive and if possible, a completely off-site location, be it an external hard drive periodically backedup and moved away or an automatic online backup solution.

I take this many steps further, with two on-site internal backups, two on-site external backups, and a periodic off-site physical backup..

However, knowing how these things can get forgotten, and not kept up to date, last February I purchased a Homeplus package from online backup specialists, Carbonite.

It cost around £100 and automaticly backs up all of your data to their servers available to download at any time. Not only does it back up your data, but it also structures the files to mirror your PC, so finding a single file, is as easy as finding it on your computer as normal.

So, whether is be one file, or the whole drive, downloading back to how it was is as easy as a few clicks.


Today, my main drive, containing all my RAW files and JPG images from 2004 failed, completely without warning.

The wedding shots I have been working on all week, ready for delivery next week are all gone..

After a second of panic, I remembered my backup solution, working away silently in the background.

I logged in, checked that all the files were there, and relaxed, as even the latest edits I was doing last night were all stored, safely and securely, ready to be re-downloaded once the new hard drive I have ordered arrives.

Without this, I may have lost an entire weeks work, or maybe, even worse if I didn’t back up at all.


So, before you do anything after reading this.. backup your files!

I highly recommend the Carbonite service. So easy and hassle free, for complete piece of mind. Its paid for itself already.