Giottos Q.Ball Review

Dust is just one of a photographers worst nightmares. In the world of SLR and DSLR cameras, changing lenses is one of those necesary evils. You need to do it quick. Balance between getting the old lens off and new lens on is a skill itself without dropping anything. No matter how fast you can do it, dust will always find itself in the dark depths of your cameras innards.

But what harm can a little bit of dust do?, I hear you ask.. Well quite a lot actually. Not only can its gunk up the workings of the shutter and mirror in the camera, its can scratch the glass inside and potentially ruin your images. There is nothing worse, getting an amazing shot and then coming to review it on the PC and seeing large blotches of dust all over the image.

The effect of magnification and aperture in the camera can mean minute dust spots actually appear very large. Although computer software can help remove these, its best to avoid it in the first place.

The Giotos Q.ball is made from a tough but environmentaly friendly silica that is tear proof and resistant to high and low temperatures. It is shaped much like a rocket, or as I found out in a Polish airport, a hand grenade. That experience took a lot diplomatic talking and hand gestures…and a new change of underwear!!

The Q.ball works by sucking in air when you squeeze and release it through its dust proof airvent on the bottom and then pushing the air out at high speed through its long adjustable nozzle. The nozzle has a 60 degree arc of movement fowards and backwards, and also a sturdy tripod base, so you can sit it on a table and adjust the nozzle to point into the area you want to clear. This method means nothing ever touches the inside of the camera, so there is no risk of damaging anything, as can be the case with other sensor cleaning devices if the upmost care isnt taken.

One or two blasts of the Q.ball removes all but the most stuborn dust particles and in my experience is all I have needed to use to keep my lenses and the inside of my DSLR’s clean and dust free.

Of course the Q.ball isnt just restricted to cameras. Computer keyboards are notorious for picking up dust, and if you are like me, crumbs too. Again, a few blasts with the Q.ball remove all these effortlessly. I also use mine to clean my bass guitars, drums and sometimes even my desk.

The Q.ball comes in black, red or blue, and also you can get slightly different shaped ones. One more elongated and one more stubby that the one pictured here which stands at 140mm and is 67mm wide at the widest point. It wieghs in at a super light 66g so is not even noticable in your kit bag.

Priced at between £5-£7 from all major camera retailers, this is a very cheap way to keep your equipment clean and will last for years to come. A must have for any photographer.