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How to use manual mode on a Nikon D3400

This video explains how to adjust the aperture, shutter speed and ISO whilst in manual mode on a Nikon D3400….

Nikon D3400 quick start guide

Nikon D3400 quick start guide, get up and running with your Nikon D3400. This quick video guides you through the steps from getting your camera to taking your first picture….

CONBROV DC6000 dash camera review Best low light dashcam?

A review and test of the Conbrov DC6000 dash camera with super low light functionality. Is this the best low light dash camera on the market?…


In this simple Wix tutorial for beginners, I show you how to create a free Wix website in a just a few minutes. Wix is a very easy to use platform for website creation in 2016, and after watching this Wix website tutorial you will see how simple it is to create a stunning online…

Connecting Nikon snapbridge for DSLR cameras

Im using a Nikon D3400 to connect, but the process is more or less the same for any Snapbridge enabled Nikon DSLR  …

How to shoot video on a Nikon D3400

This video shows how to shoot videos and movies on a Nikon D3400 DSLR. This information is also suitable for the Nikon D3300, D3200 and D3100….

Nikon D3400 Mode dial Tutorial

Nikon D3400 Beginner User guide

Have you got a new Nikon D3400?  …

What is ISO?

What is Shutter Speed?